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SMÅ SHOTS are based on vodka and added delicious flavour combinations. All varieties are produced in 16.4% vol. and 75 cl. as standard.
Selected liquorice varieties are also produced in 30% vol.
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Since 2005, many different SMÅ SHOTS have been developed – and many, many more will be added.
Shots that can not only be drunk in small glasses, but with just a few touches are also fantastic to use for Cocktails.
Within the SMÅ SHOTS brand you will find the popular SMÅ SOUR and SMÅ SWEET options.


SMA Sure Sour Bubble Fizz

Bubble Fizz

SMA Sure Sour Strawberry

Sour Strawberry

SMA Sure Twisted

Sour Melon

SMÅ SURE Sour Bubble Fizz

SMÅ SURE Sour Bubble Fizz is a vodka shot with an absolutely fantastic sour taste and original “bubble gum”. The combination of sour and the taste of bubble gum gives a delicious, sour freshness with a light sweetness. LITTLE SOUR Bubble Fizz can be enjoyed ice-cold shaken with ice in a shot glass, or can also be mixed into other drinks or cocktails.

SMA Bubble Fizz
SMA Sure Sour Apple

Sour Apple

SMA Sure Sour Blueberry

Sour Blueberry

SMA Sure Twisted Sour Fruit

Twisted Sour Fruit

SMÅ SURE Twisted Sour Fruit

SMÅ SURE Twisted Sour Fruit is a swirling explosion of sweet and sour fruits, with a fresh taste of, among other things.
In both strawberry and lime flavours, it has a pleasant, very fresh and fruity taste, where sour gives an extra zest. It can be enjoyed as a particularly tasty shot, or mixed into drinks and cocktails.

SMA Sure Sour Twisted
SMÅ Shots

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